Today, 10,000 people are expected to take part in a student protest headed up by the NUS. Using the slogan “Educate, Employ, Empower”, it is the first national student protest to have taken place since the ones which turned into mini-riots outside the Conservatives’ HQ in Millbank.

So far, today’s protest, which set off from the University of London’s Union just before lunch has passed peacefully. There has been a minor scuffle at Westminster, according to the BBC. Their education correspondent said: “There’s a stand off outside Parliament, against police lines that are closing off Parliament Square.”

He added: “Most of the march has moved over Westminster Bridge, but perhaps a few hundred are pressing up against police lines, waving banners and shouting.”

The march ends in a rally in Kennington, south London, where the 10,000 are meant to congregate and rally and do that sort of thing that rallying people do. The Metropolitan Police, for whatever reason, have not estimated any numbers for people taking part, but are policing the protest.

To coincide with the protest, the NUS have published a survey which says that 58% of people with children under 18 those with children under the age of 18 believe that MPs who broke their promise over tuition fees should not stand at the next election.

Liam Burns, NUS leader, said: “Education should open doors, but the government is slamming them shut”

“The damaging effects of recent changes to education have restricted access for future students and created new barriers for those currently studying,”

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